Cvent is a company that focuses on making any conference a well planned and executed event. They provide both a comprehensive technological platform and the interpersonal know-how to event planners and hoteliers to nail it. Every time.
When it came time for their own annual conference, Cvent threw a few challenges our way; translating corporate lingo into conceptual and engaging images, a very tight timeline with over fifteen movie deliverables, and a necessity to create for a massive screen (like over 10,000 pixels wide massive). VTS took it all on with the animations created for the Cvent CONNECT 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Working with just the Cvent color palette and typeface, we were able to create conceptual animations that brought to life abstract ideas, and translated what could be potentially dry content into an immersive experience.
Client: CVENT
Director: Adam Glickfield
Producer: Kristin Almy
Design Lead: Devin Earthman
Overlap Design/Animation: Devin Earthman
HCloud Design/Animation: Arely Cornell
ECloud Design: McKay Marshall, Adam Gill
ECloud Animation: Adam Gill
Interstitials Design/Animation: Alex Miller
Sound Design: Grant Harold