At VTS, we like to promote and support companies that not only provide a great product to its customers, but also operates in a way that is socially responsible. By partnering with the team at Earnin, we were not only able to create a really fun animation for an emerging company, but also feel really great about how the services that they provide is helping people to get out of the vicous cycle of high interest credit cards and predatory pay day loans.
With only a color palette and some key phrases in hand, Earnin worked closely with the VTS team to create a look and feel of the illustration and subsequent animation that felt closely aligned with their emerging identity, while still serving as a stand alone piece that can be shared and posted across a myriad of platforms. With a focus on clean illustration and an engaging lead character, VTS created an animation, using both cel and AfterEffects, to bring an individual narrative to a broader, societal issue and highlight the benefits of Earnin for today’s workforce.
Client: Earnin
Studio: Very True Story
Creative Director: Adam Glickfield
Producer: Kristin Almy
Director + Designer: Allen Laseter
Animation: Allen Laseter, Josh Parker
Music + Sound Design: Sono Sanctus