HR is something that a lot of us don’t think about in our day to day. That is, we don’t think about it if it is a seamless process. And Gusto aims to make it just that.

Working with the brand team, VTS helped to craft a compelling visual narrative with a look and feel that is unique to the Gusto brand. Through cel and AfterEffects animation, characters are brought to life in a way that is a playful take on realism, while back end elements become easily understood in their complexity. With the final touches of a well-cast voiceover and custom score, the animation provides a way to easily understand the Gusto’s benefits and services by making the complex, well, simple, which is essentially at the core of the company itself.

Client: Gusto
Brand: Micah Panama
Design Lead: Camellia Neri

Studio: Very True Story
Director: Adam Glickfield
Producer: Kristin Almy
Design: Jonathan Sundy
Animation: Josh Parker, Vance Reeser
Music and Sound Design: Sono Sanctus