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How do you represent a platform that focuses on being inclusive to every activity/characteristic/preference of a person, without a voice over dialogue, and around 30 seconds? You create a montage that shows it!
Working with the Imzy team, VTS concepted and executed thirteen individual animations that were anchored together by their descriptive word and overall color palette. Within these parameters, VTS was able to utilize a variety of illustrative and animation styles and techniques to create an animation as dynamic and diverse as the Imzy platform itself.
Director: Adam Patch
Producer: Kristin Almy
Animation Director: Adam Glickfield
Design: Robbie Bolick, Vance Reeser, Devin Earthman, Adam Patch, Christopher San Agustin, Adam Glickfield, Alex Miller, Kyle Westbrook
Animation: Robbie Bolick, Vance Reeser, Adam Patch, Christopher San Agustin, Adam Glickfield, Alex Miller
Music: Zack Wright
Sound Design: Lichen Lion