When it comes to hiring people to work on your home, why is it so difficult? There are those flaky companies that never call you back, the person from Craiglist that may end up flooding your home with their plumbing “skills”, or that friend of a friend who seems to cost way too much, even with that “friendly” discount. But Thumbtack solves this. They connect you with trusted professionals, and you are able to see reviews, prices, availability, or even chat with them about what you need done, all before committing to hiring them.


With such a dynamic platform, Thumbtack needed to continue to tell their story to a wider audience, and VTS worked with the team to create an animation that is both broadcast nationally as well as posted via online platforms. To make the overarching narrative accessible to a diverse viewing group, VTS created a unique set of characters and environments to both engage and educate, while working within the brand’s color palette and broader guidelines. Throughout the design process and subsequent animation process, VTS worked closely with the in-house creative team to ensure the creation of piece that not only explained the “how”, but also the “why”, in the hopes that the viewer then responds with the “totally sweet” and “let’s do this”.


Client: Thumbtack
Studio: Very True Story
Director: Adam Glickfield
Producer: Kristin Almy
Design: Naomi Benson
Illustration: Naomi Benson, Allen Laseter
Animation: Allen Laseter, Vance Reeser
Sound Design: Lichen Lion